Why Not?

Spare Time.

What is that?

I’m a full-time wife, mom of 2, middle school teacher, and youth pastor/worship leader with my husband. So basically, I’ve learned to function off of very little sleep and LOTS of coffee.

So when there is a spare moment, usually on a calm Saturday, I like to find a small project that adds to our home and quenches my desire to do something creative.

Most of my projects are inspired by Pinterest, as I do not claim in any way to be naturally artistic! Ask my kids at school – I’m a stick figure extraordinaire. But every once in a while, I’m inspired by a project and think, “Hey, I can do that!”

So that’s the purpose of this blog. I never thought about starting one because honestly, I am not that trendy and I really don’t have loads of time. But I decided to just keep it simple and not get too fancy because if I’m going to do this, it will have to fit into my spare time schedule. If it’s easy, I think I can do that 😉

Because….why not?


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