Mason Jar Wall Decor (Part 1)

I’m obsessed with mason jars.

I think I may easily incorporate mason jar decor in most every room in our house. They’re inexpensive, versatile, and the possibilities for their use are endless.

Pinterest is flooded with ideas, but these particular pictures caught my eye.


I used these examples as inspiration, but still wanted to add my own personal touch! A couple weeks ago, Kaleb and I finally got a chance to go on a date and I got to choose our outing. So naturally, I chose Hobby Lobby! As we browsed went down every aisle in the store, I looked for pieces I could use to decorate my mason jars.

First off, it was a lovely date. We don’t get the chance to go off on our own much with our busy schedule and growing family. That man could drive me to McDonalds for a coffee and I’d be just as happy. (Which is what we usually do!) I love dating my husband šŸ™‚

Anyway, I shared my vision for the project with him and he helped me find what I needed. Here’s what ended up in my shopping bag.


The first phase of this project was pretty easy. And it was fun! I had both little ladies on the floor “helping” me. Abby turned the lids of the jars into bracelets while Anna watched her sister from the Boppie.


First, I used some hemp cord and wrapped a different color around the center of each jar. This part required zero glue. I held the first end of the cord against the jar and started wrapping. Once the end was secure, I wrapped until I was out of the cord. When I reached the other loose end, I matched it with the first end and tied a double knot.


Next, I played around with the embellishments I bought to see what would look best. I ended up going with small burlap flowers. I found that less was more for this project!




I also added fixtures so that I can hang the jars from a piece of pallet wood. All 3 jars have a different look, but are cohesive.


Phase one of my mason jar project is complete! Phase Two will consist of making a fixture out of pallet wood so that the jars can hang on the wall. I also have a couple of ideas about what to display inside the jars.

So far, this project is turning out great! What I have created so far doesn’t look anything like the pictures I used for inspiration. Ha. But that’s the beauty of DIY projects. Instead of buying something that anybody else could have, you have the opportunity to create something unique that resembles YOU. I’m excited to finish the next phase of this project. Now to get my hands (or more than likely, my husband’s hands!) on a table saw…

What have you created lately that is a “completely you” piece?


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