This is the way to describe my life right now. But oh, in such an outstanding way! Jesus has showed up in these mountains of West Virginia and has made it clear that now is the time for Revival.

My house is wrecked.

My schedule is wrecked.

My soul is wrecked.

My sleep schedule is most certainly wrecked.

But I wouldn’t have it any other way. THE KING IS HERE.

I find myself actually looking forward to staying up later than usual just to be in pursuit of the presence of God with the body of Christ. Revival is becoming the new normal here – and not just Revival in the sense of a “service”. Revival is JESUS. Revival is seeing that Jesus is glorified in every aspect of our lives. It is our heart’s cry to see each person living as a son or daughter of God and becoming a part of this body of Christ.

What a time to be alive. Even going to the grocery store is a delight. I’m running into people that I worship along side every night and find that our conversations are full of joy and centered around Christ. I love that people are encountering Jesus in the aisles of Wal-Mart!

My prayer is this – that I would continue to STAY wrecked.

YES. STAY wrecked. Life can never go back to what it once was. Jesus is moving and I don’t want to be on the sidelines. Who cares what the house looks like and if I’m getting little sleep. The fact that I am encountering Jesus and that His voice has become so clear to me is worth it all. Let Him wreck you. Because when you allow Him to wreck you, His agenda now becomes yours.

Life As Of Late: Setting Goals

Things are moving forward with the house! We’re looking at closing at the end of this month. This is getting exciting because now I’ll be able to start keeping an eye out for furniture deals! I literally can’t wait to find a beat of dresser and repurpose it. Anyway, we’ve been pretty busy with the process, so my DIY projects have been put on hold the past couple of weeks.


And when I do have a spare minute, I’m trying to SLEEP. Sweet little Anna…she’s a happy little baby and one of the loves of my life, but she never sleeps! And this full-time working mama is extremely tired. I’ve literally had about 4 hours of good sleep in the past 3 days.


And let me tell you, it’s not easy being on my A-game with 160 middle-schoolers. Luckily, I’ve built great rapport with them and they have been awesome. I think they just really enjoy seeing me “slap-happy”. Ha.

However, I HAVE been adding to my “to-do” pile of projects. I’ve got about 5 that are ready for my attention. Here’s my current list of projects:

  1. Part 2 of my mason jar wall décor
  2. Revamping an old vase with some spray-paint
  3. Making my own light fixture (Think twine!)
  4. Fixing up shelving units with baskets I found at a thrift store
  5. Sewing a toddler headband (Buying those things gets expensive :/ )

My goal is to finish at least 3 of these by the end of May. I’m trying to be realistic, but still achieve goals! I’m one of those people that HAS to make a visual to-do list because I immediately feel the need to cross things off of it. 😉

So, that’s life as of late. We’re incredibly sleepy BUT incredibly blessed. We have 2 healthy, happy little ladies and in a couple of weeks, a house.

We’re ready to plant our roots and make this house into our home.

Are you a goal-setter? How do you keep yourself accountable to fulfilling your goals?

One Of Those Weeks

Me time? Ha. Righhhhht.

It was one of those curveball, absolutely exhausted, “Is it Friday yet?” kind of weeks. Needless to say, I didn’t complete any of my DIY projects that I have been storing up.

At school, I had to deal with one of my classes needing an attitude adjustment. I knew it was coming. It never fails…this is the time of year that 7th graders absolutely lose their everloving minds. Spring has sprung…and so have their hormones. Everything is out of whack. Don’t get me wrong, though. I love this age group. They’re weird and unpredictable because they’re starting to learn who they are and it is so entertaining. But man, are they exhausting during this phase. 

Not to mention we were coming right out of Easter weekend, which left me extra tired Monday morning. We had an awesome day with family after putting on a production at our church for the morning and evening services.

We had two evening meetings and youth church all by Wednesday, so we were looking forward to an agenda-free Thursday evening. Only then, I came home to a feverish Abby so our evening consisted of a doctor visit and trip to the  pharmacy for an antibiotic. This is the first time she has ever been sick so we dropped everything to take care of our sweet girl. It’s now Saturday and her high fever is finally gone, but we’re still monitoring a low grade fever. 

So in a nutshell, life happened this week. A project did not.

And that’s ok. Family is everything to me. Any spare time I had this week was spent talking with my husband and taking care of the girls. Projects can wait because they will always be there. Was I looking forward to trying out my new “mirror effect” spraypaint? Absolutely. But I’m not disappointed. It’ll get done 🙂

Even though I did not complete a project this week, my spare time was definitely still well spent. Abby is feeling better, my students are straightening up, and today I was able to sleep in and catch up on rest…and Fixer Upper. 😉

Have you ever had “one of those weeks”? What got you through it?