Little Girl Giggles

My two girls were sitting on the floor in the living room, playing contently together. I needed to walk into the kitchen to refresh my coffee so I took the opportunity while I didn’t have a tiny person needing their Mama. I was gone for about 2 seconds when I heard the most precious sound.
Little girl giggles.

Sister giggles.

I snuck back in to see what the giggling was all about. I didn’t want them to see me and stop doing whatever it was that was causing their laughter.

I managed to get a picture of the scene and it was the cutest. Abby had gotten ahold of her sister’s puffs and poured them out all over Anna’s lap. It was the most hilarious thing in the world to both of them. By this point Anna had a belly laugh going on!

While I could have gotten upset over the mess, I chose to embrace the memory. But it wasn’t my memory…it was theirs. One of many that they will make together. 

When we found out we were pregnant with Anna, I’ll admit that I was more overwhelmed than excited at first. Abby was only 5 months old and I was still figuring her out. But God knew what He was doing. He wasn’t just blessing me with two daughters…He was blessing Abby and Anna with a sister and a best friend. They will always have each other. What a joy it is to have them so close in age. 

My prayer as their mom is that they are always close. That they continue to make memories together. That they don’t find themselves in petty fights. That they will always be best friends. That they will challenge each other, lift each other up and grow in God together.

And that they never stop giggling.

“Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor. If either of them falls down, one can help the other up.” Ecclesiastes 4:9-10
My children are always teaching me more about the love of the Father. What have you learned from having children?

One thought on “Little Girl Giggles

  1. What a precious moment! You captured it perfectly here.

    I have four kiddos, born in a span of six years. I often felt overwhelmed by the responsibility I was being entrusted with. But even in my fear, I knew in my heart that God knew what He was doing, and every child born into our family –planned or otherwise– would prove to be a blessing from Him.

    My youngest was born on the same day I turned 30 years old. The best birthday present ever! Since his birth, I found I had a genetic abnormality in how my body manufactures collagen. What it boils down to is that, as I age, pregnancy results in widespread joint malfunction and pain. I had no idea that God was saving me from hardship when we clustered our babies so close together during my 20’s, but I’m grateful for it now!

    I love reading posts like yours. It is a privilege to be able to watch little relationships unfold. The best mothers recognize this from the beginning, and they are able to raise their children without regret.



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