Seed Generation

Since the fall, the earth and all of creation has been waiting for the awakening of Sons and Daughters to the fullness of their identity of Christ in them. The Kingdom has been set up to advance…however…

History will continue to repeat and cycle itself.
Generations will continue to start low, rather than higher than the one before them.

That is, until there is a generation bold enough to plant a seed out of faith that they may never get to see the resulting fruit of in their lifetime.

It’s a sacrifice that may cause the world to mock at your life free of the system, living in “radical” freedom. And you may have to endure rejection, criticism and hatred of those without eyes to see or ears to hear. Oh, but to have all of your treasures in Heaven, spending your life operating from the currency of Heaven, is worth it all.

To surrender your life to breaking curses, finding your identity through His eyes alone, remembering and fighting for the restoration of all things with love (and without a sword) and learning all over again how to love Him with ALL your heart, soul and mind…it’s an honor to perhaps never be known. To be the one to walk through the fire so that your great-great-great-great grandchildren are born into a world where hospitals don’t exist because Sons and Daughters are walking in the fullness of their image-bearing identities, healing the sick in their shadows with Christ in them. Where they have to ask the question “What is sin?” because the Kingdom becomes so advanced.

Even Abraham was promised a legacy out of obedience in planting the seed of trust and total surrender. God followed through with this promise, but it took many generations to fulfill and Abraham was content and found rest in that.

We may not be here 6 generations from now, but they matter now. What we do presently – matters. Because there WILL be a day when Sons and Daughters are operating in the fullness of authority Jesus has told us that we have access to walk in. But it has to start somewhere.

Church has looked the same for many, many generations. And the world isn’t looking any different. Generations should be moving from glory to glory and the world should be looking restored, yet we are still living in the same curses and brokenness that our past generations lived through.

It’s time for a generation to plant its seed in good, rich, fertile soil to see a harvest that yields fruit from Heaven and not religion. And for that generation to be ok with being hidden under the soil, maybe never getting to see the sprout break through the soil in their lifetime…but with the promise that it will grow in integrity and fullness through their legacy.

He is faithful to His promises and His goodness is always available. He has made it clear several times through His word that we are not slaves – so find freedom outside of the slavery of religion and the boldness to live your life with eyes towards Zion.

Because when a generation comes around that pursues His face in the freedom of the wilderness, the Kingdom will advance exponentially as He fulfills His promise of “on Earth as it is in Heaven.”

Let’s plant the seed. Let’s BE the seed.

“God’s kingdom realm is like someone spreading seed on the ground. He goes to bed and gets up, day after day, and the seed sprouts and grows tall, though he knows not how. All by itself it sprouts, and the soil produces a crop; first the green stem, and then the head on the stalk; and then the fully developed grain in the head. Then, when the grain is ripe, he immediately puts the sickle to the grain, because harvest time has come.” Mark 4:26-29

Oaks of Righteousness

“…That they may be called Oaks of Righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that He May be glorified.” Isaiah 61:3

I’ve been reading a lot about trees lately. I can’t stop. I’m surrounded by them where I live and I breathe in their richness everyday. I feel the breeze of mercy flowing through their branches as they bend and yield to the winds of change. To see them is to see His nature and I can’t stop looking because there is always more to reveal. In these books I’m reading, even the most “worldly” of scientists penning the pages cannot deny the spiritual connection that trees have, even if they don’t fully understand it. What they do know is that trees are marvelous, majestic, intricate, creative, intentional, communal and entirely relational.

Most have a basic knowledge of trees as far as photosynthesis and the water cycle. But oh, trees are the lifeline of the entire world.

They purify the air as they exhale the purest form of elements needed for life. Not only does this occur in the area the tree is planted but it sends this purified air as far as the oceans.

They keep deserts from drying up. Even in areas of little rain, trees soak up every bit of provision and designate it where it needs to go throughout the seasons.

They rely on each other and constantly support each other, especially those that are weak. It has been observed that when a tree falls, surrounding trees will keep the stump alive for hundreds of years, supplying nutrients through their roots. They are relational and find that it benefits them all to have a stump with roots intertwined with theirs, thriving with life instead of rotting and decaying.

They restore chemical imbalances in the soil through the integrity of their being. They are able to sense disorder and provide balance through their natural, built-in processes of yielding.

In the same manner, we – as Sons and Daughters – have been created as Oaks of Righteousness. Created in His image as marvelous, majestic, intricate, creative, intentional, communal and entirely relational. From a seed, this has always been the core of our DNA and is our destiny.

If only we could see it, know it, believe it, identify with it and live it.

We were made to purify the air with our breath not only in our surroundings, but for it to reach the oceans.

We were made to be an oasis in the desert to not only keep it from drying up, but to inhabit it and transform it.

We were made to operate as a Body in unity because everyone is important and is made in His image.

We were made to restore balance and bring order to the Earth not in our trying, but in our yielding.

And in operating in this identity as an Oak of Righteousness, the Kingdom-building byproduct is found in verse 4:

“They shall build up the ancient ruins; they shall raise up the former devastations; they shall repair the ruined cities, the devastations of many generations.”

In the end, it all points back to Him – “That He May be glorified” or “That He May display His beauty” or “For the display of His splendor”.

He displays His beauty through His sons and daughters. What great love. What a Father He is that He would create us as and call us Righteous.

What a Father that He would build His Kingdom through us – all in looking at and yielding to Him. We get to look at His face in every moment of every day and in return, He transforms us and brings restoration to the world.

We are Oaks of Righteousness.

Let’s live it.

Just a small facet of – “Christ in me, the hope of glory”


Some days in parenting are tougher than others. Today was certainly one of those days. The kids were up way too early, nap-time was a hassle with one kid transitioning to a toddler bed, it was hot (our air conditioner couldn’t keep up with the heat outside) and it seemed that everyone just woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

Anna, in particular, pushed and pushed the boundaries as far as she could today. It all finally climaxed in a stand-off between her and I, which ended with her crying and throwing objects across the living room in response to my yelling at her.

It was not pretty. Especially on my end.

By the time we were preparing for bedtime, I was drowning in guilt. I felt like I was just marking another big “fail” checkmark on my parenting for the day. Just another fail to add to the list. Our bedtime routine was a bit different tonight, which ended with all the kids being asleep in their beds except for Anna. Instead of walking her to her bed and staying in her room until she fell asleep, I picked her up and started rocking her in the living room.

I don’t think I’ve rocked her to sleep since she was younger than 2.

I didn’t say anything and we just started rocking. I could tell she was looking at me so I turned to face her. We locked eyes and she broke out with the biggest smile in her face. She then reached her hand out and touched my face, looked at me for a few seconds and then went straight to sleep.

Without saying a word, she taught me grace.

We both knew what went down throughout the day. She knew my downfalls, flaws and imperfections and loved me. She genuinely, deeply loved and forgave me anyway. She just longed to be close to me.

But much more than that, she taught me the deeper parts of grace. When God shows us grace, He is not looking past our downfalls and turning the other cheek. He acknowledges them and says I am yours and you are mine – no matter what. However, we are not going to ignore this. Instead, we will face this together head on and tackle your burdens and your sin until this part of you becomes beautiful.

When Anna put her hand in my face, we both acknowledged the flaws of the day without saying a word. But I also felt her forgiveness as Holy Spirit began to speak to my heart about my poor reactions and attitude. I felt driven to do better and be better.

I felt grace. Thanks to my sweet, passionate Anna Grace.