I “Lien” Not On My Own Understanding.


In the last week, some news about the house we are buying unfolded and it didn’t end with “good news”. When we found out, all we did was laugh. I mean, this is the third time this has happened and each house that we’ve gone through has had something crazy go wrong with the process. This time, we found out there is a lien on the house (Get the title? šŸ˜‰ ) that would keep us from reselling it for like 30 years…maybe. And of course, there’s more to it but the bottom line is, we are no longer buying this house.

Back to square one. For the fourth time. (To preface, this is not a discouraging post!)

Even the lawyer involved said that this situation was extremely rare. It only happens every 100,000 houses that are sold.

Our first thoughts were, “Wow. This has to be God.” Yes, you read that right. The last few times this has happened, we have been discouraged and frankly, upset. But this time was different. God’s presence swooped in the moment we looked at each other and realized that the pursuit of this house was over and we both had a strange feeling.


I can’t even pinpoint why. I wasn’t stressed or nervous about this house at all. In fact, I have felt excited about it since we started the process. It had to be God. To know that He has our backs and is taking care of us…what relief!

And what’s more amazing is realizing that He has something better for us. We’re just expecting something incredible that we could have never even imagined. He is working things out for our good because that’s His nature. I’ve tried to stress about this situation (because that, unfortunately, is MY nature) but I can’t! Kaleb and I are excited for how He is going to show off for us.

What’s more incredible is that some other things immediately started coming together the day that we found out about this house. God proved to us in that very moment that He has not, will not, and will never leave or forsake our family. What reassurance.

All I can be is open and candid about our house-hunting situation…and anything else in our livesĀ for that matter. My hope is that someone reads this and realizes that things are not hopeless. What we could allow to bring us down has actually revealed a part of God’s character to us – and that is worth it all. We are by no means perfect. Had I started this blogging adventure a year ago, I would have had different feelings for sure. I have learned so much through this process. But one thing I know for sure is that He is not going to leave us to be homeless. šŸ™‚

So here we go again! Back to the drawing board. AndĀ I can’t wait to see theĀ home that God has chosen for us!

What “good lessons” have you learned in hard situations?